Tecnomec ISO 9001
Thanks to a new winning mentality, Tecnomec SA has grown from a small high tech centre to an important industrial reality.
Tecnomec was established in 1981 by three entrepreneurs as a mechanical works company for semi-finished components.

The company became renowned in Ticino Canton thanks to its capability to produce the most diverse variety of mechanical parts by means of milling, turning and round/tangential grinding works, as well as deep piercing, welding and broaching.

The company has also a number of qualified suppliers granting the completion of the production cycle by means of heat treatments of various kind, Aluminium anodizing, painting, technical and esthetical chrome plating.

During year 2009 Tecnomec SA management changed.

The new management created a new technological centre able to offer our international customers a synergistic package of services in the mechanical works, including 3D measuring services.